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"Confidence is the Best Outfit"

Featuring: Gloria Budd

CEO of The Glo
What does ‘The Glo Bespoke’ involve? 
The Glo Bespoke programme is a tailored one to one programme which works from the inside out to help women and men look younger and feel more confident.  The programme utilises all my skills as a Personal Coach, UK Facercise Practitioner and Personal Stylist. 
What inspired you to start ‘The Glo’? 
I believe the pressures on women and men, to look a certain way is extremely tough, often affecting career, marriage and future aspirations.  And this is why I’m so passionate about helping people create time to understand themselves so that they can overcome   barriers, feel great and be the very best version of themselves.   
The other reason for starting this programme and becoming the sole UK Facercise Practitioner is my very real concern surrounding the overuse of Botox and Fillers by young women in their twenties, with no real knowledge of potential long term damage.  I believe Facercise is a natural and safe alternative. 
What do you love about Cecilia Quinn and what is your favourite shoe? 
As I became older I found it increasingly difficult to find elegant, stylish shoes that were comfortable!  I would succumb and buy a pair of designer shoes that looked fabulous but were crippling to wear!  Along came Cecilia Quinn and my prayers were answered - stylish, super comfortable shoes that I can wear all day.  Michelle and Claudia are so knowledgeable and helpful; it is always the most delightful - and tempting experience to visit their boutique. 
How can the right pair of shoes change an outfit? 
The right shoe can literally elevate an outfit. I also think wearing a bright pop of colour on your feet really creates a standout look. I am only 5’4” but I feel so elegant in my Red T Bar Platform Sandals - I have two pairs and counting!!