Our Daily Walks

Our Daily Walks

 When we need cheering up during this time of lockdown, we only need to look outside to see that nature is throwing a party!  Green fields, blossoms, ducklings, sunsets - everything that reminds us of the joys of Spring.

The Cecilia Quinn Team thought we would share some photographs of us out for our daily walks and enjoying time in the garden.

We hope you are all keeping safe and well


Claudia taking a walk on the Common in Tara leopard trainers



Michele jumping for better days ahead in White trainers with red trim-also available in black


Melissa enjoing the sunshine in Silver Mesh trainers (also available in Gold and Black)




Sonia being followed by her cat Caruso in white trainers






Ana enjoying her favourite book in the garden in Veronica Perforated loafers





 Anna posting a birthday card on her walk in London in White Zeta  Trainers 










Shely relaxing in the garden after her walk in Green Suede loafers 









The new styles are now available on our website and/ or mail order - please email info@ceciliaquinn.co.uk.

Free UK delivery and returns.

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