Cecilia Quinn Shoe Boutique, Henley-on-Thames Now Open!

The Best-Seller Sandals

As we spend the majority of the summer months in our sandals they have a lot of boxes to tick; comfortable, elegant, versatile, resilient and good for walking. This is not an easy task to find, but since our first summer season we have noticed that one sandal in particular takes the spot light as the perfect multi-tasking shoe!
Whether you are walking through the streets of Italy, heading out to a summer afternoon BBQ or have a busy day of errands ahead of you, Cecilia Quinn Comfort Wedge Sandals are perfect. Each sole is made of ‘ultra-light’ materials ensuring that you are cushioned with every step without carrying around excess weight on your feet. The elasticated ankle strap and leather lined upper makes sure that your foot is secure, whilst providing excellent width and adjustability for those very hot summer days.

This season, we have increased our variations and have many comfort wedge sandals exclusively available at both our Boutiques. We look forward to welcoming you to try them on!