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The Removable Insole

“Orthotics can be worn in any shoe, as long as there is space for it” – and that is where so many ladies meet their first hurdle. Today, trying to find a shoe that has room for an orthotic, let alone a stylish shoe that has room for an orthotic, has become a challenge. With an increasing number of ladies requiring them for many different reasons, there is becoming a demand for stylish shoes that can accommodate.

We realised this years ago, and since the opening of Cecilia Quinn in 2015, we have been working hard to produce a range of styles that can comfortably fit an orthotic in the base of the shoe, but also not be styles limited to orthotic wearers only. The result? A selection of Cecilia Quinn shoes that have a removable comfort insole built into the sole. This allows for all ladies to have extra comfort in their shoes, as well as allowing those that need it to remove the insole and put their orthotic in its place. By creating this range, the depth of the shoe doesn’t alter, ensuring that no support is lost regardless of who it is worn by.

We spoke to specialist podiatrists and have been endorsed by Walk this Way Podiatry – Amersham, and ‘The Gait Lab’ - Marylebone, both of whom recommend our range to their clients. We now have a designated selection of shoes “Preferred by Podiatrists” that we are confident will work with many types of orthotics.