Time to Travel?

Time to Travel?

Whether you are travelling for business, a city break or a long summer holiday, a comfortable airport shoe is a must. Of course, this does not require you to sacrifice on style. By finding the perfect travel shoe, you can walk from the departure lounge to the gate knowing that you will be able to spend the rest of the day exploring your destination once you arrive.

On Claudia’s recent trip to Bologna, she felt the joy of being able to pack only two pairs of shoes for her time abroad. With one shoe for the airport and another for the evenings, all bases were covered.

“Having been exposed to such high quality shoes, they are becoming the easiest things for me to pack! As long as you go flat, you won’t have to worry about anything”.

This season, there are many different styles of loafers and trainers available at Cecilia Quinn that are perfect for travelling.


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