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Featuring: Anne Boden MBE
Founder and CEO of Starling Bank
Anne Boden is the founder and CEO of Starling Bank, the mobile bank that offers personal, business and joint accounts. After a 30-year career in traditional banking, she began to explore how technology could help customers manage their everyday money, eventually deciding to start her own bank and build all the technology from scratch. 
What inspired you to start Starling Bank?

I was inspired by the idea that I could build a bank like no other. At Starling, we put customers at the heart of everything we do. There’s an app for ordering food, booking taxis, listening to music but banking apps were left behind. I wanted to create a world class banking app. 
How do you incorporate your own style into business life?
I try to pack as much excitement and fun into every working day. It’s important to enjoy running your business. This is the same philosophy I apply to my wardrobe. 
What do you love about Cecilia Quinn and what is your favourite shoe?
I love the enthusiasm and knowledge of the founders. Claudia and Michele's passion for finding quality products is evident from the moment you step into the Boutique. My favourite shoe has to be my most recent purchase! I absolutely love my blue heels with the beaded embellishment.