How to Care for Cecilia Quinn Shoes

Our shoes are made from a variety of high quality materials. With any natural material, there will be variations in it's colour and texture. This shows the authenticity of each shoe and gives each pair a personal character, which we love! Over time, the shoes will wear differently depending on a variety of factors such as how often you wear them, general care, body oils, and the journeys they take, which is to be expected. To keep your Cecilia Quinn shoes looking as beautiful as possible, we have some helpful tips for you.


When you are not wearing your shoes, we recommend keeping them out of bright sunlight in a clean, dry place. If they are left for long periods of time, the air around them can have an effect and sunlight can alter the colour of the shoe.


All of the Cecilia Quinn leather shoes are made with top grade leathers which are very soft. This makes them incredibly comfortable and they mould to your feet within a matter of minutes. As a result, please expect to see creases in your leather where your feet move. To keep your leather shoes looking new, polish them once a month to ensure they are moisturised, clean and durable to the elements. If excess dirt gathers after a long period of wearing, let the shoe dry and then take a damp cloth and wipe gently. With proper care, our leather shoes and boots will look wonderful for years.


Our suede shoes and boots are treated before they leave our factories for the first coat of protection. However, we always suggest an extra coat of protective suede spray before you brave the English weather! This will help you protect your shoes against rain, dirt, soil etc and will help prevent staining. If you find yourself caught out, let your suede shoes dry naturally before brushing them with a soft suede brush and they will look good as new. If you accidentally make a deep mark, we recommend using a suede eraser (but please do so very gently as not to change the colour of the suede). If you are wary to do this yourself, please bring your shoes to us and we can do it for you.

Calf Hair

Calf hair is a naturally occurring fibre so is very resistant to the elements. Any rain or dirt should fall off easily or with a soft brush if required, following the direction of the hair. Every Cecilia Quinn shoe made from calf hair will have its own personality and some areas may be stronger than others. Therefore, you may see signs of wear over time which is to be expected.

White soles

Our clients are often worried about how to maintain Cecilia Quinn shoes that have the signature white sole, especially if they get caught in bad weather or have to walk through a muddy patch. However, they are surprisingly easy to clean and can look brand new with proper care. If you find areas of dirt, try and address them as soon as possible. Take a damp cloth (add a little Cif for really stubborn dirt) and wipe the sole of the shoe in one direction. This will lift the majority of marks away immediately.

Will I need to re-sole my shoes?

This is entirely down to how often you wear your shoes and the way in which you walk. If you see that the sole of your shoe is wearing down, please contact us and we can recommend our cobbler to you. If you believe your shoe may require expertise of a specialist, please bring them to our boutique. 



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Something Blue...

In the tradition of weddings, "something blue" symbolizes love, purity, and fidelity.

Cecilia Quinn's blue suede platform with a diamante bow is the perfect embodiment of "something blue." The luxurious blue suede reflects the depth of love and commitment, while the dazzling diamante bow adds a touch of glamour and sophistication.

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